Large Size Head

Amateur golfers can hit a shot with a sense of security by using this large sized golf head.

The club has a specious vertical and horizontal sweet area and provides a high-level rectilinear line to the golf ball flight as the club head doesn’t shake during ball impact. The neck also is designed as a gooseneck, so that you can pick and grip a ball easier than before. By shaving down the leading edge more than a professional style club you can hit a ball without the head getting stuck in the ground.

Enhanced Forgiveness

The club provides enhanced forgiveness on mishit shots, the ball stops with a high-speed back spin. We scraped a deep horizontal groove in the center of the back face and to achieve a higher center of gravity. You can stop the ball at the place you want with high spinning performance. As the excess weight gained from scraping is redistributed on the toe and the heel side of the face, so that the sweet spot area and the lateral moment of inertia is enlarged.

This design with enhanced forgiveness on mishit shots provides you with strong confidence when you approach around the green.

Strong Loft Iron Lineup

New technology allows irons to have superior carry performance, thus the iron’s loft has been getting higher while still going the same distance. We have variations in loft and line up matching this trend of higher lofts. You can set your pitch distance with peace of mind knowing the distance each shot will go.

Materials:soft iorn(S25C)
Shaft:N.S.PRO MODUS3 WEDGE/N.S.PRO 950GH/N.S.PRO 850GH/dedicated carbon

The recommended retail price:
STEEL SHAFT 65,000yen (exclusive of tax)
CARBON SHAFT 70,000yen (exclusive of tax)
※We are preparing “TJ TYPE S” as well !

loft angle lie angle head weight bounce angle
51° 64° 298g
56° 64° 301g 13°

The skill of Kyoei golf industry over 60 years has been brushed up by golf brands.However, it is a living as behinder, it never goes beyond the category of preference of original deed.

However, the brand TAKUMIJAPAN that spun out from that Koyei golf industry does not involve the client's favor.

Therefore, there is no limitation of more than 60 years of skilled techniques, there is no further constraint, and expressing the form filled with feelings is TAKUMIJAPAN.

In order to make every single product, manual work exceeds 80%, and it is possible to realize its merit by holding the product while holding a very expensive product.

(TAKUMIJAPAN) there is no "master". However, it consists of the gathering of technologies of "Takumi" in each process.

TAKUMIJAPAN Brand is for the golfers by the golfer of the golfer.’s.

We will continue to support better golf life in the future by a group of Takumi.