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Interview with Development Adviser Ms. Esther Lee

Takumi Japan partners with Ms. Esther Lee as a product development adviser.
Ms. Esther has been on the LPGA tour since 2017, she won Studio Alice Women’s Open in 2014.

The following is an interview she did with our product team.

──You are a product development adviser for Takumi Japan. What is the role of wedge for you?
When you miss the green, a wedge is very important for recovery from outside of the green.
Selecting the wedge matching your body type leads to a good score.

──Please tell me the ratio by golf club type you use when practicing.
Drivers and irons with full swing 30%, wedges 30%, and putting 40%. I think this can vary from person to

──As the wedge accounts for 30% of your shots when you practice, I assume the wedge is a very important club. Please tell me your impression of Takumi Japan’s wedge.
A feature of this wedge is the ultra soft hitting feel, it feels like the golf ball sticks to
the head like mochi (rice cake).
When you throw an object, if you release your hand as close to the target as possible, you can
control your aim more precisely.
The sticky soft feeling is very important for your approach shots.

──Did you request anything specifically such as the head shape?
When the top blade is thick, its refined image becomes weak.
For example, there is a difference in sharpness between an ax (with thick blade) and a
fish-slicing knife with a thin blade.
I want to insert the head into the place where I want it to go, so I asked them to make the top blade
Also, when the toe is too high, it can be seen to overlap and it is difficult to have a image of the flight line.
Therefore; I made a request to Kyoei Golf about that point as well.
For the AW (approach wedge), I asked Kyoei Golf for these 3 requests listed below.
① The blade looked a bit thinner than the SW (sand wedge), so I asked them to make the width of the blade the same as the SW.
② I asked them to lower the neck height to match the SW image.
③ I thought the club face looked the same from hosel to blade, so I asked them to
make it look more distinct.

──How was the result?
The Masters at Kyoei Golf are amazing wonderful people. When I was practicing with this wedge, I
really wanted to play an entire round.

──To what type of golfers do you recommend the Takumi Japan brand?
This is suitable for all types of golfers from professional golfers to the ones with to the ones with a 30 handicap.

The skill of Kyoei golf industry over 60 years has been brushed up by golf brands.However, it is a living as behinder, it never goes beyond the category of preference of original deed.

However, the brand TAKUMIJAPAN that spun out from that Koyei golf industry does not involve the client's favor.

Therefore, there is no limitation of more than 60 years of skilled techniques, there is no further constraint, and expressing the form filled with feelings is TAKUMIJAPAN.

In order to make every single product, manual work exceeds 80%, and it is possible to realize its merit by holding the product while holding a very expensive product.

(TAKUMIJAPAN) there is no "master". However, it consists of the gathering of technologies of "Takumi" in each process.

TAKUMIJAPAN Brand is for the golfers by the golfer of the golfer.’s.

We will continue to support better golf life in the future by a group of Takumi.