Company name TK2 Co., Ltd.
Name of representative Keisuke Sakamoto
Capital fund 3.5 million yen
Company address 5, Nishikawanabe, Ichikawa-cho Kanzaki-gun, Hyogo, 679-2315, Japan
Company description Wholesale and internet sales of golf equipment
export of golf equipment, and management of professional golfers.

TakumiJapan’s philosophy

  • We would like to have a long-term relationship with golf players who love golf.
  • We would like to respond to player’s technique evolution and their physical changes in order
    to develop golf equipment which customers ask for, we’d like to continue producing good
    quality products through a direct relationship with our customers.
  • We’d like players around the world to use our irons and wedges which are created by Japanese
    traditional forging methods and to experience the beauty of MADE IN JAPAN.

The skill of Kyoei golf industry over 60 years has been brushed up by golf brands.However, it is a living as behinder, it never goes beyond the category of preference of original deed.

However, the brand TAKUMIJAPAN that spun out from that Koyei golf industry does not involve the client's favor.

Therefore, there is no limitation of more than 60 years of skilled techniques, there is no further constraint, and expressing the form filled with feelings is TAKUMIJAPAN.

In order to make every single product, manual work exceeds 80%, and it is possible to realize its merit by holding the product while holding a very expensive product.

(TAKUMIJAPAN) there is no "master". However, it consists of the gathering of technologies of "Takumi" in each process.

TAKUMIJAPAN Brand is for the golfers by the golfer of the golfer.’s.

We will continue to support better golf life in the future by a group of Takumi.