powerd by Kyoei Golf

The ultimate hitting feel and beauty made by tradition.

Kyoei Golf's master craftsmen specialize in forging, plating, and grinding using traditional techniques
that  have been accumulated and passed down for 60 years.
Our master craftsmen recommend Takumi Japan brand's wedges to the golfers who truly love golf.

The intricate skills of master craftsmen are required to create individual wedges.
This requires a thorough job, totally performed by master craftsmen.
We make them carefully so that we can only create 15 to 20 wedges per month.

As we want to respond to each one of customers individually,
only 15 to 20 sets are available at one time.

TakumiJapan's wedge

Our wedge has a high center of gravity and excellent spinning performance; however, the hitting feel is still soft. You can make the ball fly and stop toward the target that you have imagined. We are also particular about the beauty of the back face so the product is very attractive. Please experience the beauty and functionality of MADE IN JAPAN.